Sable Paddy!! Pics :D

  1. Here are some pics of my Sable paddy! I love the color so much, it reminds me of a seashell! :love: The leather is smushy and pebbled, it collapses when empty. Thank you to the wonderful Pfer who is responsible for my new love!! You're the best!! :heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Wow!! :yes:

    Can you remind us of what else is in your collection? Is it the fab 5?
  3. Let me be the first to say OMG!! That is TDF!!!

    Your collection is phenominal Audrey!

    You need to give us a PaddyPuddle now :nuts:
  4. i just saw that color today. i was admiring how stunning it is. congrats!!!
  5. Thanks so much girls!! :love:

    Yes, Nwpurselover, it's the fab 5! LOL!!! :roflmfao: chocolate 05, chocolate 06, whiskey 06, craie 05, and sable 05! :heart:

    hmwe I promise to take family photos this week! :cutesy: Hopefully I can do it outside and get some good lighting!!! :yes:
  6. wow..what a pretty color.
    you're right, it looks just like the inside of my seashell.
    hmm...very pretty.
    audrey, where did u buy all the paddies you have?
    i've looked in LVR, NAP, dept stores websites and they dont have what i'm looking for.
  7. OMG! It is absolutely stunning! Congratulations Audrey! You have such an incredible collection! Enjoy in good health!
  8. Well, I got my chocolate 06 paddy from the Chloe store in NY. :heart: I also purchased a few from Nordies and NM (Whiskey paddingtons) but they were all returned. All the others in my collection were found through Ebay or bought from friends. :smile: Sometimes it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time or just plain lucky!
  9. If you let us know what you are looking for specifically, maybe we can help?

    Audrey, I am soooo dying to see the Family Pics!! BTW, once again YOUR CAMERA ROCKS!! It captures amazing detail and nuance that I have never seen before in pics. :love:

  10. Dear Audrey, then you are just plain lucky because u have all the paddies I want!

    hmwe46....that's really nice of youuuu!!
    ..personally I just dont know where else to look. I mean, for starters I live in a small campus town.
    lately I've been eyeing for a craie box, or cream-colored paddy.
    I fall in loveeee with audreys craie BOX!
    oh what a beauty!
    I've been wanting to own a paddy since last year (almost a year now), I'm even amazed at my patience being able to wait this long (partly because of money strain).
    I'm just sooo determined to buy all the paddies once I get a job, I dont care if I cant eat for some days to save money.
  11. Sable is a lovely color on the Paddy. Congratulations and enjoy!
  12. Gorgeous paddy! I can really see the pink undertones. Congrats Audrey!! :heart:
  13. Thank you jag, Goldensx5, and Pewter!!! :heart:

    hmwe - It's such a great camera, I highly recommend it!!! I think Canon makes great digital SLRs! :love:

    ijoewono can I ask which paddington is your first choice? If I come across any I'll let you know! :yes: I think going for a cream/white shade is great (not only because you love it but because it's neutral and will go with a ton of stuff!)

    Tomorrow I'll try to post some pics of sable and craie side-by-side. :wlae:
  14. Omg..!!! I'm loving the sable, it's one of the most beautiful paddington colours!!!! :love: Congrats Audrey, your collection is TDF..!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I'm dying to see group piccies to see what's the difference between craie and sable :girlsigh: Oh boy, what a beauty..!!
  15. it's pretty..if im not paranoid about the color..i would've grab this baby too!!