SA recommendation REQUEST thread

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  1. Any SA recommendations in NYC please?
  2. Looking for an SA in Selfridges or Harrods please. Serious shopper looking for a classic flap. Will be shopping next Friday. TIA
  3. Same! Did you get any recommendations yet?
  4. Are y’all searching the thread?
  5. Yes. But after pages of recs from 2007-2010, asking seemed more efficient. Do you have any recs?
  6. I have a wonderful SA at Bergdorf's, feel free to pm me for her contact details.
  7. Anyone have Katarina info from Chanel RTW in Harrods? Had a great shopping experience w her but forgot to ask for her number. One of my friends is headed to London soon.
  8. No need to search pages, I’m asking if anyone has searched... using the search tool in this thread and the Recommended SA thread. Thought it might be helpful :tup:
  9. Hi everyone, I'm going to Vienna for my honeymoon during Christmas. I've been emailing chanel Vienna but there's never any reply. Would really appreciate if anyone can share any Chanel Vienna store SA contact here. I've also read some reviews about the stores, most said that the service were not as good as other stores and their stocks inventory very low. I'm looking for chanel Mini rectangular and hopefully there's any recommend SA to contact so I can ask them to keep an eye for me. Thank you!
  10. cant help you but I am going there end of Nov and can see if I can grab a SA’s contact details if you want. From what I have read on here Europe stores don’t have waitlists. Perhaps someone can confirm this? I also am after a mini black rectangle flap but think my chances are slim to none unfortunately
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  11. That's great if you could get me one of the contact. I've read reviews of their stores and it says most of the classic or black color usually are out of stocks. So hopefully we will be lucky enough. Please do reply here after you went the Chanel Vienna store. Would really love to hear about your experience there. Good luck! Happy shopping! :smile:
  12. Does anyone have a SA recommendation for Yorkdale Toronto? TIA!!
  13. For 57th street, I would ask for Dawn. PM me for her info!
  14. Hi everyone! Looking for a great Chanel SA Recommendation for Toronto, Ontario in Canada! Please DM me :smile:
  15. Hi, I'm looking for a Saks SA who could help opening a Saks store card and get 10% off on Chanel bags ( I know it is not common now) . I'm thinking about buying a CF medium, CGM ( I know it is hard, but just trying my luck). Thanks!