SA recommendation REQUEST thread

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  1. in States near the Canada-US border...

    So I guess I'm looking at MI, OH, PA, NY, and I guess potentially NJ?

    Also - any information on what the sales taxes are in the above states would be great!

    Someone who's got experience in charge-sends especially...

    Thanks dears! :heart:
  2. In PA...I use DONNA or Damian at SAKS in BALA,PA.1-610-667-1550 ext 258
  3. Thanks Jill! I know when I go outlet shopping there's no tax in PA... does that hold true for everything (ie. if I were to purchase Chanel at Saks)? If not, what's the tax rate that's charged there?

    Thanks a million!
  4. ^I dont have to pay tax if its shipped to me from the PA store.
    If I pick it up in the store..I do have to pay tax
  5. Thanks Jill - this has been really helpful!

    If I were to pick it up at the store - do you remember how much the tax percentage is?

    Thanks again!
  6. I pay 7 % in NJ..cant remember if PA is 6 or 7 %
  7. JOSEPH @ Saks NYC - he's the best. He comes on tPF every once in a while too. A LOT of tPF ladies from outside the US apparently shop with him as well (he's always shipping things to all over the world). Tell him Lisa sent you. He'll bend over backwards for you once he gets to know you!

    DAMIAN at Saks Bala Cynwd(spell?) is superb too!
  8. Oh and NYC sales tax is 8.375%....kinda on the high end of sales tax rates (unfortunately). But if you ship it out of state (to most states) there's no tax.
  9. Susan from SAKS NYC is excellent, She recommended and sent 2 bags for me, (212) 940-4347.
  10. Joseph & Susan work at the same Saks NYC! They are great! :tup:
  11. Delyse at Saks in Michigan. She's great. Her cell number is 248-808-0712. Michigan tax is 6%.
  12. Joseph at SAKS NY is SUPER NICE. His packages always nicely wrapped.

    Beside Delyse, Diane at Saks Troy is a super sweet heart also. Whatever CC bag you're looking for this 2 experts can find them for you.
  13. Another vote for Damien at Saks in PA.
  14. I am from Singapore but would like to contact Joseph. Could any of you helpful people give me an email address or phone number?
  15. you can call joseph at saks in New york just look up the number of saks and get connected to the designer handbags department. HTH