SA buy LV bag has a (p) stamp????

  1. I am wonder..
    SA buy LV bag.. need to get the (p) stamp ????

    Anyone know???

    Thxs in advance
  2. I have seen someone post the photos and CF that SA bag might get (p) stamp..
    But i coulndt find the thread,,,

    Anyone know about this... ????

    Thxs Thxs
  3. When a s/a buys a bag it gets this stamp so it cant be returned or exchanged. its in the system this way.
  4. The "P" stamp usually indicates it was given to a member of the at shows and special events. I think if it's an SA buying it, it has a little circle stamped on it.
  5. interesting. i never knew this...
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  7. Didn't know that. Learn so many things about LV at tpf.
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  9. Wow, interesting.. I didnt know about that either.... :smile:
  10. Oops my mistake!
  11. Wow, that's interesting...didn't know!!
  12. That is really interesting I didnt know that:smile:
  13. i didn't want to make an own thread for this so i'll ask it here... what's a R stamp?? or does it exist?
  14. R stamp? You mean the registered trademark sign?

    For items sold to LV employees, the leather/canvas beside the Louis Vuitton heat stamp is pressed down with a simple circular stamp. the P stamp, like others in this thread have mentioned are for press items (and I believe prototypes as well)
  15. I think the SA stamp is a lil circle.