S/S Sunglasses and necklace...

  1. I found it in magazine... I've never seen this sunglasses on larger pic (only on runway) and necklace. Enjoy!;)
  2. Thanks for posting ....I am hoping that the gold street PM (previously known as the east west) will make it here:yes:
  3. Lovely.
  4. Cool =) thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for posting, i am sooooo in love with them shoes!!!
  6. I hope we're expecting more sunglasses this summer. Not that I would get those, but they are a lot prettier than the goggles that appeared in the web recently.
  7. Wow I've never seen those!
  8. i love those! but i like chanel glasses better....
  9. Thanks for posting.
  10. i've been waiting for this, so far none yet both sydney singapore, any1 know the price?
  11. those shoes are hillarious
  12. Lovely sunglasses, thanks for posting!
  13. I like the brooch shown on the denim patchwork bag
  14. Ahh.... the Gold Street PM is SO hot!
  15. thanks for sharing!