S/S 08 Matisse... I want it!!

  1. I am really looking forward to purchasing the Matisse!!! I am so excited, I think it's adorable :smile:
    I know it comes in 4 colors but does anyone have pictures of the bags other than lilac?
    When does it come out for me to purchase?
  2. there's no other pics I think off the top of my head it's April

    there is also a towel, flip flops & wedges love the whole range
  3. really?? flip flops and wedges?? do you know where there are pictures?

  4. there aren't any pics only in the store lookbook
  5. The flip flops and wedges are really cute. They only come in 3 of the 4 colors from what I remember.
  6. I remember seeing a picture of the pink in one of the threads. It was a picture from a trunk show. Perhaps in the summer pic thread?
  7. i'll be super happy if this line is indeed going to replace antigua. its so cute! i'm going to be so torn between purple and cream.