S/S 08 colors coming to Barneys - update

  1. Received this email update from my SA today, thought I would share:

    "The colors you are waiting so patiently for will not ship until January, for Barneys buy. As far as I know we should recieve the traditional hardware in all sizes except WEEKENDER & RETRO BAG in the Spring/Summer 08 colors."
  2. Hmm...is this good or bad? I can't decide! It does buy me some time, though!
  3. ^^I'm thinking good! I need to go through my bags and decide what to keep and what to sell... I have a some Chanel and LV bags just sitting in my closet, never (or hardly ever) used! I keep going back to my Bals!
  4. I have some specifics from my favorite SA at Barneys Dallas. They're on my other computer, so will post them tomorrow. In their first batch, it's lots of vermilion and yellow, no mention of the pinks, blues, or the vert thyme. Lots of GH if I remember right -- I didn't get the full list of that since she knows I like RH.
  5. I can't wait to see what they will be getting!! thanks!!