s.o.s Vache Liegee info

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  1. okay another s.o.s from me. My SA told me there is a birkin in the size and color I want but the leather is Vache Liegee (my preference was togo/clemence or anything that's easy to take care of).

    I read on here that Vache Liegee is pretty easy to care for but I am wondering if it get scratch or used can it be bought back to life after a spa treatment? Or any other comments are welcome


    I am coming close to my dream bag...:yahoo:
  2. VL is about $1000 more expensive than other leather in the same size Birkin. But, it's light and durable. I like that leather!

    What color are you getting?:wlae:
  3. gold...is that good in VL?
  4. Gold is very classic color! It goes with everything! You are lucky to find one! VL is lighter than any other leather IMO.
  5. Unless you are crazy about exotic Birkins like me, you should snatch it up! Color like gold is wanted by everyone!
  6. In comments I've heard, people seem to like VL.....and tho, I've only see VL gold in a photo, it looked lovely. Not as deep a gold as, say you would see in Clemence ( a soft leather )

    When I saw VL, ( in black at the store ) my impression was one of a drier stiffer leather...like the same properties of Epsom.
  7. Mild scratches can be rubbed out, deep scratches or gouges cannot be refurbished because the leather is dyed using 2 different colors. But it is lightweight, durable, and holds its shape.
  8. yeah I have been waiting for this color for a while. I know it's not easy to come by. I am sure about the color and size just not very familiar with this leather.

    thanks for your help

    I will get into the exotic when I get the basic packed down first. :smile:
  9. If you've seen gold in Togo or clemence, just know that the shade will be much lighter in Vache Liagee. I tried on a gold VL Paris Bombay the other day. Just an FYI. :smile:

    It is very lightweight. :smile:
  10. No problem, cxyvr! I have a Birkin in VL leather...That's why I could tell you about that leather right away. Please let us know what you decide!
  11. cxyvr, it's a great leather IMO. And in lighter colours like gold, you can see the 2 tone very clearly.
  12. I can't make it into the store before closing today(45 min to closing) so I am going into my store to see it tomorrow. Lets hope no one snatch it up before closing tonight. :sweatdrop:

    I will be there first thing in the morning tomorrow and I will report back as soon as I get home.
  13. Is it on a shelf or it's on hold for you? Oh, my...! If it's on a shelf to public, I would be sweating until you get that thing in your hands!:s
  14. It's in the back....cross your finger for me.

    I could have paid for it over the phone but I want to see it first.:sweatdrop:
  15. Oooohhh! I just talked her today too, to ask about Evelynes. I'm SOOOOOO excited for you! Personally I think Vache Liage is GORGEOUS. It really shows color nicely.

    Keep me updated. I'm SOOOOO excited for you. :smile: