Rumor: H sale date set for New York

  1. I heard Metropolitan Pavillion is set for March 19-22 for the H sale.
  2. That's actually good news, the later it is the more time I have to clear up the AMEX, just in time for more charges...

    I thought it would be end of february, not good for the cards!
  3. Oooh...I can't wait :woohoo:
  4. wow that is late!
  5. are bags included in this sale
  6. Does anyone knows if there will be leather goods on sale?
  7. small leather goods yes, home things, some bags: usually travel bags. Tons of RTW, scarves and shoes.
  8. I remember that there were some canvas bags at the last one, some shoes (some well-priced, too), lots of ties, a few belts, and tons of RTW
  9. Date reserved on my calendar! -- Must take PTO day!
  10. Wow! I am definitely flying in to NYC for the sales!
  11. but I would wait to book it until its set. this is just a rumor those dates....
  12. I'll try and get confirmation. The dates are what the SA at Wall Street told me yesterday.
  13. woooo! can't wait!
  14. Thanks, castorny for sharing. Cannot wait for the H sale.

    I got 2 canvas bags and several scarves last time.
  15. Thanks for Sharing Castorny.