Rule against writing in huge font or caps?

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  1. Can tpf stop allowing writing the entire post in huge font or CAPS LOCK:tdown:? Or am I being pmsy? lol :rolleyes::wlae:
  2. We don't really allow that... people just choose to do that. We do ask that people do not write in all Caps because it comes off like screaming.
  3. Yeah, CAPS LOCK POSTS are considered rude and called 'shouting' - per our rules, we don't allow it. Usually it's inexperienced forum users that don't know the proper online etiquette.
  4. i find the huge fonts really annoying too. i don't mind once in a while if it's to make a point like look here but when people insist on writing entire posts in a huge coloured font it gets a bit annoying.

  5. Yes, I find it annoying too Annanas!
  6. *yikes*

    I'm so busted and admit it. soooooorrryy....... I get too excited sometimes!
  7. i've done it once or twice to EMPHASIZE something i was saying, but yelling in caps is obnoxious and huge font takes up screen size. i think mods just edit stuff like that and it's not such a big deal.... people just need to read the rules lol...
  8. I've seen lots of people use caps for more than half their sentences so that sometimes less than half the words in the post are lowercase and the balance is capitalized. People do it to emphasize what they are saying or sound excited, but the post comes off looking like they are yelling and is difficult to read.

    An example:

    I BOUGHT this BAG!! Isn't it WONDERFUL!! I LOVE this bag SO MUCH!!! I'm going over to the STORE and GETTING one EXACTLY like this RIGHT NOW !! I am SO EXCITED!!! : ) This BAG is SO GREAT.!! OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE??!!!??

    The reply toolbar contains other options like Bold, Italic and Underline. Maybe they should learn to use those features more....
  9. Yeah same here. I might all caps a couple of words in a post but not the whole thing, it's hard on the eyes. :Push:
  10. I use this font size all the time. I like it. And at least 2 of the posters on here have sent me rude pm's a while back telling me to stop using it.

    I don't take up space with pix of my animals or kids or bags like others do. And that's their choice. And the font size I use is mine.
  11. oops I did it in the title of my thread, sorry guys I didn't know :sad:

  12. ITA! Siggy's can get pretty big too<--but that's part of the tPF world- I think it's nice to post in a big font or have a big siggy........ jmho
  13. When I Type In All Caps This Is What Happens... So For Me It's Not Possible To Use Only Caps.
  14. There's an anti-huge siggy thread going on here, too. :yes:
  15. It's easier to read when you get older! Reminds me of the large print books at the public library..