Ruined vintage wallet (my very first LV) while heatstamping (LONG)

  1. That's what happened...
    As I was going south for the weekend I decided to stop at LV to check out the new stuff and to get my luggage tag and my very first LV (a mono multiple billfold with almost 24 years my grandpa gave me as a gift when I was 10) heatstamped. My SA told me that she was not sure if they could heatstamp the wallet as the leather was really aged, but the person who does the heatstamping would check if it could be done. I left the items there because they just do the heatstamping on Mondays, and planned to pick them up today on my way back home.
    On the way back I missed a call from my SA, but I didn't call back because I was 1 hour away and then I could talk to her in person. When I got there she smiled at me with a sad face and told me that unfortunately the heatstamping on the wallet didn't go well and that they had to send it to Paris to repair. :crybaby: I almost cryed when she told me that. That wallet really means a lot to me as it was a gift from grandpa, and he's already gone... so I wanted to keep it for the rest of my life. The heatstamping was also special because we both have the same innitials.
    I didn't see the wallet ruined, but my SA told me that they would have to replace a part of the leather. I don't really remember exactly which part because I was too sad to pay attention, and I hadn't chose the place to heatstamp.
    So, the thing is that, besides it is dammaged, I don't know if they are going to be able to repair it, and if they do, it is going to be weird to have a old canvas wallet with new leather inside... And it is not the one my grandpa gave me. The thing I'm affraid the most is that they aren't able to repair it and just put it on the trash can, or simply lose it, and give me credit for a new one.
    I'll call my SA tomorrow and ask her to write instructions to return it as it is if they are not able to repair it. It really means a lot to me.

    To complete the bad news, the heatstamping on the luggage tag is a little off (or it is just me being too picky). I'll post pictures when I get my camera back.
  2. :sad: Sorry to hear that. Hope it gets back to you safely.:heart:
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you! Hopefully everything will work out and they'll be able to repair it without making the wallet look strange. Let us know how everything goes!
  4. OMG, so sorry to hear that! It's such a memorable piece, I totally understand how you must have felt right now. Hope the damage was actually not as serious as you thought and make sure you keep on reminding your SA to check on it. Do keep us posted.
  5. Thanks. I hope it goes well... :sad: I'll keep you posted.
    This was the wallet after I took it to LV to find the datecode in April.

  6. OMG so sorry this happened to you. I hope they make it right for you.
  7. im so sorrry to hear this happened :sad: hope it all works out for you...definatly keep us posted.
  8. Oh, that's awful! I remember when you posted pics about your wallet and how it was older than you are. I really really hope it can be fixed. How stupid of them to go ahead without giving you a warning!
  9. Wow, the wallet looks great for being 24 years old! That's really durable.
  10. So sad... I hope it isn't wrecked too badly. :sad:
  11. Cedric,
    Perhaps this advice can help you: if the wallet is permanently damaged, wear it anyway. Consider it to be a symbol of the imperfections of love and life...and remember how much your grandfather loves you. If LV can fix the wallet but it comes back with vintage materials and new materials, wear it anyway. Consider it to be a symbol of the experiences your grandfather had with the wallet mixed with the new experiences you have had. It adds character. In any case, just remember, as great as LV is....a wallet is just a wallet; the reasons why it was given to you can never be ruined.
  12. I am so sad to hear that this happened to you on such a special item. I truly hope they can fix it. Hugs!

  13. Extremely well said!!!
  14. Sorry that this happened to such a sentimental piece. Im truly surprised they shipped it off to Paris without letting you see that "damage". Unheard of!! Hope it ends well for you.
  15. I know you don't know me, but I would like to offer a (((HUG))). Sorry this happened.