RUDE people and clueless SA's...

  1. Since Dillard's is having 30% off on all clearance items, I popped over to mine for a few minutes earlier. When I got there, I just started browsing--you could tell people had purchased a lot of stuff already. There was a guy there who was clearly buying up stuff for selling on eBay or wherever...he totally didn't know anything about the merchandise and kept asking "Is this a good seller? Do people buy this bag?" The SA helping him clearly had $$$ in her eyes and did not want to pay me any mind. Every time I picked something up, the guy watched me and if I set it down, he practically snatched it out of my hands!!! A couple times he saw me reach for something and would grab it before I could get there! I could not get OVER his rudeness. But then...

    Then I spy a Bleeker duffle in brown. They'd been on sale a few weeks ago in that Dillard's but I hadn't gotten one since I knew I was going to the outlet that day (I got my Ergo instead :heart:). Well, this one didn't have a sale price on it and it was clearly a return, because it had a proof of purchase sticker on the tag and the price part was torn off. I asked another SA how much the sale price was on the Bleeker duffles (and had to POINT OUT which ones they were, because she just looked at me and said, "Bleeker? Which are those?") and she told me it was full price. I said, "Well, I was in here before and it was on clearance. Why is it full price now?" She told me, "Well, ma'am, that's a different style number." AS SHE WALKED AWAY FROM ME. :wtf:

    Um, excuse me? I'm not an idiot, and walking away from a potential customer is rude!!! By then I'd had enough. I said, "Well, clearly you must know a LOT about the merchandise," and walked off, too. :tdown: Sometimes I wonder if people were raised in a barn.
  2. I'm sorry this happened. I made my call 15 minutes before the store opened and got the large bleecker black duffle for $139. I was going to go to the store (almost 2 hrs away) but I knew this type of thing would happen after I heard horror stories on 1/1/08. There is no need for that. People like that should not be working retail! Sorry :sad:
  3. i'm sorry this happened to you. how rude of them. i hate rude people!
  4. Ugh!! I'm so sorry that they were so rude to you!!! I just don't understand when some SA's got the idea that they are better or more important than their customers :shrugs: