RRP for Louis Vuitton Leonor & Theda

  1. Does anyone know/remember what was the retail price for Louis Vuitton Leonor & Theda back in 2004? I have seen a few sellers selling them on eBay and wonder how much they have hiked up the price? :yes:
  2. I only know the retail price of the Theda PM, which was $1,920 USD.
  3. Mono or MC?
  4. If you're referring to me, I had Monogram Canvas next to the price. Sorry about that! :sweatdrop:
  5. ^Not you. LOL. OP. Sorry, I wasn't clear.
  6. Thanks...but I am thinking the Monogram Leonor. Were the prices different for Monogram & Multicolore Theda?
  7. The prices are much different. MC costs more to produce.
  8. I last saw the MC leonor on elux not that long ago for over $2700
  9. Theda GM is 2100.Leonor was 2700.
  10. When I bought my Theda from the boutique in Orlando last year I paid $2400.00 for the bag. I remember It was the same price in 2004 when I first fell in love with the bag at Ceasar's palace in Las Vegas!
  11. Do you guys know how much the special Theda GM's were ie: canvas with gold trim/mono mini with gold trim etc??
  12. I have Monogram Leonor bag and I'm just wondering how many bags have been made.. because its limited edition? If you have any clue please reply ;)