round chanel handbag in the devil wears prada

  1. in the devil wears prada...(this is a great movie by the way):heart: but did anyone notice in a scene andy (anne hathaway) is holding what looks like a round chanel wristlet type handbag with the classic chanel logo on one side and number 5 on the other? i have tried many times to find this bag on the internet, and even viewed many pics for the fall06 collection but cant seem to find anything on this bag. does anyone know when it may come out or have pricing information. the bag is just as cute as can be and i just wanted some more info on it. thanks for ur help :smile:
  2. Don't think I'm crazy, but I swear I've seen it on or a similiar Chanel bag a few weeks ago and had been on there awhile.. I just checked and it's not there anymore...
  3. I haven't seen this movie yet, I'll have to check it out!
  4. In what sene did she hold that bag??? I didn't recall seeing a chanel bag....what color??
  5. it was awhile back. i remember as well :supacool:
    it's when she walks in to give miranda the runway preview book and dry cleaning, it's hanging from her wrist.:yes:

  6. Yep. Bluefly had them for a long time.

    They probably sold because of the movie!
  7. If I recall correctly, it was the scene where she first brings the fashion magazine to Miranda at her house. It was either yellow or red
  8. Yup, I saw it on Bluefly and it was there for quite awhile, never thought it would be sold out. It was around $300.

    Anne used it well in the movie!! It looks bigger in the movie than it did on bluefly. When I saw it, I told myself I would go online and order it but oops, guess I forgot
  9. yup! that's the one! funny thing is.. when i saw that scene with the wristlet i immediately thought 'hey! the bluefly chanel!' hahaha. for some reason i remember it being green! hmm. well i dont know what color for sure but it was definitely on bluefly!
  10. That's funny that you guys mention it. I saw the movie last weekend i think, and i immediately recognized the bag from bluefly, went on line and it was still there, 350 or something. It's cute, but i do not really have a need for something that tiny. Funny to hear that it's all sold out now, the bag was there for the LONGEST time!!! Must be because of the movie.
  11. Just checked bluefly and it's in stock. I swear the price is higher though. Wow
  12. It looked a lot cuter in the movie than on Bluefly!!!!!! And it's a little pricey for a tiny canvas bag!
  13. Hi! I have that chanel "round" bag. It was about $440.00 but got a discount for being a bluefly addict. Just keep on checking Bluefly--they come and go so fast. Good Luck!
  14. Yep- the one in the movie was blue/red, which was on Bluefly along with the green one. I also thought it would be a lot smaller when I saw it online. For such a logo-a-go-go peice, it's pretty affordable. I wonder if the wardrobe people got it on Bluefly?