Rough Zipper

  1. Hey guys I just got back from AC and I decided to take my very unused damier keepall. I have only used it like twice since I got it and the zipper is a little hard to close. But I don't know if this is because it still new and needs to be broken or or w/e? Does anyone know? TIA!!
  2. I don't know why the zipper is rough but I do know one thing that may smooth it out. You may want to check with someone else first because I don't want you to ruin your bag BUT- you can get a #2 pencil and rub it on the teeth of the zipper and it will slide better.

    Just make sure it won't ruin your bag before you do it!
  3. My keepalls Zipper was rough at first to.
  4. thats sounds like it might work, thanks!!
  5. or soap applied with your finger might work as well.
  6. WHen I first received my horizontal lockit, the zipper "stuck" a little, not from poor quality, just because it was a wide zipper, and never used. What I suggest is using a neutral color candle and gently rub it along the OPEN zipper, back and forth....when you close it, it should run much more smoothly.......good luck !!
  7. I had the same prob with the gucci bag i got my mom. Just takes time to become smoother.
  8. Here's another idea too ... an SA at Holts once told me to use wax paper and run it along the zipper ... totally works!
  9. Yeah the pencil idea is the best. The lead acts as a lubricant.
  10. I was about to do the pencil thing but had second thoughts. Do I really want to risk putting lead on my shiny brass zipper? So I am just going to wait it out. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas though!! :smile:
  11. No harm, no foul to give the wax paper a try!
  12. rub the end of a candle on it and then pull the zipper back and forth a few times. should soften it up nicely.
  13. I've tried this method and it really works. I've also tried clear, unscented chap stick (just make sure to cover the sides of the zipper with paper so you don't get any on your bag).