Rouge Vif, Rouge Vermillion, or Tomato... can someone help?

  1. I want to get a bright red bag. I am looking at rouge vif, rouge vermillion, and the 07 tomato. Can someone show me the differences between these shades of reds?
  2. I don't have the tomato red right now (it should be arrived next week):yahoo:
    Meanwhile, here are my vermillion city & rouge vif day (has been re-posted many times):p
    flash1.JPG flash2.JPG noflash1.JPG noflash2.JPG
  3. Thanks Andy_Sach... I saw many pictures of these colors but never IRL... and from the pictures they just look the same to me. As I take a closer look the only difference (to me) is that vermillion seems to have an orange undertone. Other than that they look the same.

    I am looking for a bright red... nothing orange-y... just primary red... a punch in the face red :nuts:
  4. ling, not sure if this will help, but here's are my vermilion money wallet and tomato coin purse --

  5. I think rouge vif meets the definition of bright red with no orange in it. Sorry this is not a great picture, but it's the only one I have.

  6. ^^It sounds like you want Rouge Vif - from what I understand both Vermillion and Tomato are bright red - but with an undercurrent of warmth, i.e. orange. I think Vif is more of a blue red. It's the color of a bright deep strawberry. Here's a photo of mine:

    ^^In sun

    ^^In shade.

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. [​IMG]
    i think rouge vermillion fits the bill! the slight orange undertone makes the red super bright and pops!
  8. More photos! :flowers:
  9. Big Thanks to monsoon88, rollergirl, beauxgoris, and sillygoose for the pictures. Your bags and accessories all look so lovely:drool:.
    If only I live near BalNY... unfortunately I live in Houston and there is close to no shops here that carry Bbags. I am really leaning towards rouge vif :smile: hopefully BalNY would still have it in a city or first.
    Thank ladies!
  10. ^^Just in case you didn't know - Rouge Vif is from 2006. I'd call BNY just in case they still have something in that shade - but if they don't: eBay or marketplace would be your best bet. :flowers:
  11. Rouge vif does pop up on eBay fairly frequently. There's a good condition City on eBay right now, I believe!
  12. lingtsui, you may have already made up your mind - but here are two pics which show the slight blue in the rouge vif, which distinguish them from the vermillion and tomato. From your post, this probably is what you are looking for. Good luck in your search!


    and outside:

  13. Can I say Rouge Theatre (?) or Tomato...
  14. I think VIF would be perfect for you!
  15. Beauxgoris and KristyDarling, thank you for your advice. I did see 2 rouge vif bags on ebay. One of them looked nice BUT ...KDC you got me thinking about about rouge theater! Ah! I thought I had it but I just can't decide anymore. I have seen many good reviews on the Rouge Theater. This is killing me. And would you believe that my DH was looking at the red family with me and he suggest I get Grenat!