rouge vif or magenta?


Rouge vif or magenta

  1. magenta day

  2. rouge vif day

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  1. In the day/hobo style~ what do you think I should go for? I am torn torn torn.
  2. I vote for rouge. I think the Day is such a long bag, that's an awful lot of magenta. Magenta scares me. :p I love it, I love to see the pictures of it, but when it comes to buying one, I just can't seem to do it. I know that bag is going to be eye candy and rarely carried. I would like a wallet in it, but a bag.... I don't think it's for me.
  3. ^^^Good point!
  4. I voted magenta! One of Balenciaga's best colors IMO.
  5. I love magenta, but I just can't imagine carrying a lot of that color. Keep in mind that I tend toward a more conservative style.
  6. i love magenta too but for a Day, go for the rouge vif. good luck!
  7. That's why I so can't decide~ I love them both sooo much!
  8. Magenta !!
  9. I think the Rouge would go with more things.
  10. I kind of agree with Powder...I like magenta in smaller bags. I say Rouge vif.
  11. it depends the things to match with it,
    if you have more pinkish, pink blue-ish stuff, go with magenta.
  12. magenta:love: :love: :love: !!! It's a shocking, popping color which I think is perfectly suited to the more slouchy, informal drape of the Day. Rouge Vif looks good in EVERY style. But IMO magenta is best suited to First, Box, and DAY!!
  13. I think rouge vif would be more versatile, weirdly enough. And I've seen it in the day style and it looks fantastic.
  14. ITA!
  15. I have a rouge theatre day and a magenta day. The magenta looks fabulous in the day bag, its absolutely stunning and not scary or overly bright at all. I voted for the rouge vif though because I use my red one more. The magenta is pure eye candy, though.

    I do have to add - I am not much of a pink girl and I don't wear a lot of colors that go really well with magenta, which is why I don't wear it that often. If you love pink and you have a closet full of stuff that the magenta would go well with (any spring.summer colors like blue, green, purple, lilac, yellow, etc), then definitely go for that over the rouge vif.