Rouge Vif color IRL

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  1. I was venturing through Ebay and saw a beautiful Rouge Vif, which sparked my interest. I like red colors but I only like them dark red with no orange tint to it. No bright reds for me. I browsed through the forum to see some pictures of PFers' RV and some look dark red and some look very bright. How is it in real life? I tend to gravitate towards burnt red, reaching towards burgundy. I have this MJ Venetia in a color called Pomengranate which I love but never get to use it b/c it's too heavy and is only handheld and would like to replace it. Would any of you be able to describe how the color actually is?

    I saw the Rouge Vermillion IRL and although it had no shade of orange in it, it was too bright red for me. I'm trying to see if the RV is darker and more burnt kind of red that is easier to coordinate to my daily outfits. Is Rouge Vif what I'm looking for?
  2. Rouge VIF is a Vibrant color IRL, very nice. It can spice up a dull outfit instantly.

    Try Grenat or bordeaux. They are more on the marron/red wine color
  3. bella - you would probably be interested in the rouge theatre red then. That is a deep, saturated blue red - the darkest of the 4 balenciaga reds. Rouge VIF is a bright red.
  4. Rouge vif is bright red while the 05 rouge theatre is a red with blue undertone and more subtle. You might like the rouge theatre then.

    Then there's the 05 bordeaux and the 06 grenat, both of a more burgundy red but they were too dark for my taste.
  5. Thank you everyone! I don't think RV is for me then. ITA with you Irissy, the grenat/bordeaux are too dark for me. I guess my wallet is happy for now. But I think I want a black now on top of 2 other Bbags I'm on a waitlist for. This addiction is getting dangerous. :shame:
  6. With the Rouge Vif- there were two batches. The earlier batch had a much brighter colour, with slightly orange undertones. The later batch (around Labour Day this year) was a slightly darker berry colour with no orange at all. I'm attaching a photo of mine from the 2nd batch, I think it's very close to what you're looking for (it looks a bit darker and more 'strawberry' in dimmer light, and a nice vibrant red in sunlight):

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  7. Oohh.. that looks like the one I have. I got mine in late Sept or early Oct too.
  8. I have a RV which is more of a berry red but still bright. I just love her to pieces.
  9. i just got mine and it's weird.. it looks pinkish to me but red in another light
  10. I agree with baglover4ever. I have a RV Purse, and sometime it looks kinda pinkish reddish in the light :smile:

  11. Mine is of the second batch as well, to me it's a deep berryred even if it's still "bright" and I think it's extremly versatile!:heart:
  12. :blush: ooohh Stylefly... that is a Gorgeous rouge vif!!!!!!!!