Rouge still around?

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  1. Anyone seen any styles of the 06' rouge around?

    Do you think I should wait for the fall 07 red instead?
  2. IMHO, I think you should wait. The tomato looks likeit is going to be a nice color red. Not dull.
  3. I would wait too. I think Aloha Rag had a red, not sure which red since I'm a noob @ bbags and all. You should give them a call just in case if you dont want to wait.
  4. I'm interested to see what the new tomato looks like too. Although I think Rouge Vif is one of Balenciaga's best reds! :heart:
  5. just wait for the new red.
  6. ME TOO!!!:heart:
  7. I really love Rouge Vif but I also think you should wait to see what tomato looks like...good luck!
  8. Ita!
  9. Does anyone know when tomato will debut? :flowers:
  10. ITA! :tup: If you still prefer the Rouge Vif, you can probably find some on ebay.
  11. ^^I agree. Rouge Vif was such a TRUE bright strawberry red. I'm REALLY interested to see how Balenciaga can top it! :heart:
  12. i think it's supposed to make it's debut starting this month!!!! anwhere between now and august... supposedly, i believe, maybe, etc.
  13. ^^Oh yea! I can't wait to see it!!
  14. If you can't wait for Tomato, there's a RVif City up on ebay right now. I don't know if it's been authenticated yet, though.