Rouge Garrance vs Rouge Vif - what is the difference??

  1. Hi there fellow H-Lovers!

    I'm afraid the search facility appears to be alluding me and so I apologise if this question has been posted and answered already.

    However, I would dearly love to know the difference in colour between Rouge Vif and Rouge Garance in clemence and fjord. I understand that Rouge Garance is only available in clemence and not fjord. However, in my search for a true cherry red - what red would you go for and what leather for a birkin 35cm??? I am not so keen on orangy red tones.
    Thanks so much for your input! :tup:
  2. Taking into account your requirements for the shade you want, and limiting your choices to what colors and leathers are most currently available, I think you'd be best served with Rouge Garance in either Clemence or Togo.

    Rouge Garance has a blue undertone - it's more of a true, clean red which is very versatile and beautiful.

    Rouge Vif in Fjord is also gorgeous - it has a slight pink undertone. Rouge Vif in another leather might also have served your purposes, but since they are resting production of these right now in favor of Rouge Garance, you'd be better off just going with the RG.

    Since you said you wanted to avoid an orange-based red, the only color you might want to stay away from is Vermillion, which has that orange undertone.

    Here are some pics for you:

    The first is Rouge Garance in Togo on the left and Clemence on the right: they're very similar except the Clemence is a little deeper and more saturated.

    The second pic is Rouge Vif in Fjord.
    IMG_0804.jpg IMG_0671.jpg
  3. to me,
    rouge vif is real red.
    rouge garrance is red with a very very little orange.
    rouge H is dark (burgundy) red.
  4. Here's a pic of my rouge vif clemence birkin for your reference:

  5. Thanks ladies for your feedback. Cindy YZ - your rouge vif birkin is divine. I am going to try for rouge vif - I am not sure about the availability though - I would like it in either fjord or clemence. I guess I'll have to wait until I am at FSH in Feb to make enquiries as to current availability. As I'm so not an orange-red girl, I'd rather wait for the perfect colour i.e. rouge vif than just take what's available for the coming season.

    Fortunately, I have a reserve option which is etoupe togo 30 birkin, which I will pick if they say no to the rouge vif.
  6. IMO, rouge garance is more of an all-purpose red--very versatile. Rouge vif is brighter (pinker in fjord, yes...but in clemence it reads just really bright red to me, not much in the way of either blue or orange undertones).
  7. You cannot go wrong with either IMO. Style's and Cindy's photos are wonderful and show that Rouge Garance (esp. in Clemence) and Rouge VIF in Clemence aren't *too* far off from one another, but as Rouge VIF is primarily in production in Fjord at the moment, I'd shoot for RG in Clemence or Togo (ever so slightly warmer IMO in Togo) if you want a softer leather, Rouge VIF if you want something a little sturdier with a matte finish in Fjord. Both shades are amazing, and I love and wear both equally.

    Rouge Garance comes in several leathers--Togo, Clemence, Vache Liegee, Epsom, and Chamonix. I agree with Pepper that RG is definitely an all-purpose red, something I use all year-round. Rouge VIF in Fjord works in the same manner, as it is not as bright as it is in Clemence, and is highly wearable. Eek, hope I didn't confuse you further.
  8. ^^this is a great explanation of a confusing topic!!
  9. Cindy, your bags are gorgeous. :smile:
  10. I just looked at my "vif" leather, looks true bright cherry to me. My friend has the other red, and it looks a bit "bluer" in my opinion. Ask your local store if they have some samples even if just in leather strips or accessories.
  11. Thanks for all your input!

    Avandome - I need to see in my local H store - FSH - has any colour examples to show me. There's always a lot of RG around in clemence in various bags in store but the rouge vif is evading me! Sadly, if one wants a 35cm birkin here they don't offer togo (my favourite leather) so RG in togo is not an option which is a shame as I typically tend to like the colours when they are not so deep.
  12. Thank you!!

  13. Thanks again for all the feedback! I just thought that you might like to know that I checked with FSH this afternoon and Rouge Vif is definitely no longer available in clemence. The exact words were that this shade had been replaced by rouge garance!
  14. Does anyone have side to side comparasion pictrues? i checked the reference library, but only saw individual pictures. ​

    I so wanted to have a rouge garrance birkin 30, but after going through color library, i am not sure which red i love more. Any information and opinion will be appreciated. :heart:

    A lovely tpfer told me that both rouge garrance and rouge vif have been discontinued, does that mean i have to go through PO or SO to get the bag? :crybaby:
  15. You should try and ask around, my DH found me a 35cm Rouge Garance right before Christmas. I absolutely adore it. There may be some still around. Good luck in your search!