Rouge Garance

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  1. I looked in my (albeit) small French/English dictionary and could not find the word 'garance'. Can anyone tell me what it means? Thanks!
  2. It is derived from the French name for the madder plant (this was posted somewhere on the board when the color first came out--I think one issue of Le Monde referred to Rouge Garance as Madder Red) --see below:

    From wikipedia:
    It (Madder) has been used since ancient times as a vegetable red dye for leather, wool, cotton and silk. For dye production, the roots are harvested in the first year. The outer brown layer gives the common variety of the dye, the lower yellow layer the refined variety. The dye is fixed to the cloth with help of a mordant, most commonly alum. Madder can be fermented for dyeing as well (Fleurs de garance). In France, the remains were used to produce a spirit as well.
  3. Orchids, I seriously learn so much from our H threads. From legal terms to french words that are commonly used in English!! Thanks!! Wondering if I can use these in scrabble!!! :yes:
  4. Thanks, Orchids! From looking at the links showing dyed fabric, it seems more of an orange-red than blue red. Does anyone here have this color bag that might post a pic? I am curious.

    I found one on ebay:

    It does kind of look vermillion/orangey red or is it quite different when seen IRL?
  5. Hmm I wonder if this is the same or similar as/to wormwood? It has been used since anicent times for getting an orange reddish color for leather tanning and wool dye...
  6. You're welcome HM & CM --I'm only passing on what I learned myself from the forum.:flowers:

    CM--if you do a search for Rouge Garance, you'll find a lot comes up.

    The most recent thread has some photos of RG in Togo:

    It is one of my favorite reds--very wearable, striking without being glaring. It is a touch warmer than blue-red (esp. in Togo and Epsom) in my opinion, but I would definitely not classify it as being orangey-red like Vermillion (which is actually more tomato red IMO). It is richest and brightest IMO in Clemence--which is the leather shown in the auction photo (although that picture looks more orangey on my screen that it is IRL).

    In addition to the aforementioned leathers it is available in Chamonix and Vache Liegee. If you are looking for a red with more of a pink/cooler undertone, Rouge VIF in Fjord is very beautiful--although not too far off in color than Rouge Garance in this particular skin. Rouge VIF in Chevre (not being produced right now) is shown in my avatar in a smaller accessory--although it is actually more blue-red than the photograph suggests.
  7. Sigh, so far I am not in the market for any more Birkin for the forseeable future - un the space of one week I bought a 35 Togo Black, and a Clemence Brique 40.

    Forever ban until I sell as many of my other bags I feel I can part with!

  8. That's okay chessmont! At least you have two beautiful bags to enjoy in the mean time!!
  9. I have a rouge garance Birkin 30 in Togo and a vermillion evelyn in epsom. As orchid pointed out, the rouge garance is warmer (darker) with a hue of blue and Vermillion is brighter!
  10. There is an old thread called "Madder red?" which you might find interesting....Rouge Garance had just been introduced, and in the english version of Le Monde, it was called Madder Red.....

    I have a Rouge Garance Clemence Birkin which I absolutely adore! I'm a "neutral girl" so bright coloured bags ARE NOT for me, but I find this shade of red just perfect: it's a true RED, with no pink undertones like Rouge Vif (too "girly", for me) and no orange undertones like Vermillion (too bright). I don't have any pics, but I'll try and take some soon!