Rosie Tote Quick Question

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  1. Does anyone know if the rosie tote can be carried cross body?

    Thanks x
  2. It comes with a longer strap that does look as if it will go cross body... But if you're after a Rosie outlet bargain you might be a bit disappointed... The totes are completely sold out now :sad: I tried to get one too.
  3. I've noticed there are plenty of Rosie's on eBay at the moment, which are higher than outlet prices!
  4. I have noticed too Steph. It's funny, only the tote is sold out but they're all on therefor ridiculous prices. Tote was £100 in the outlets and on there for £250! Greedy people means I won't be purchasing one. If it had been slightly more, considering its sold out, I would have gone for it. For all the others, i don't know why you'd bother when they're all still knocking around!
  5. I should have got it when I first saw it! Won't be buying it for £250!

    Thanks ladies x