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  1. Are all the roses bags made in the USA because Sprouse was an American artist...anyone get one made in France who lives in North America....where they only produced in the US? I love the roses but, I am shy to pull off such a bold bag but, still so drawn to this collection...ackkkk...I want a bag but, fear I will not use it...they are beautiful
  2. I think the pochettes are Made in Spain.
  3. I bought mine in Germany and my Roses NF is made in France.
    I guess it depends on where you buy them.
  4. My pochette is Spain.
  5. Got my Neverfull from eLux and it's made in France

  6. <----mine is too.

    S, I see how your collection has's fab!
    we seem to have similar tastes, lol !!!
  7. My Roses Neverfull says Made in France-I will check the keepall when I carry it next week!
  8. My pochette is also made in Spain.
  9. Anyone who lives in Europe will not get made in USA because they dont sell them here so I dont think they are just made in USA.
  10. my pochette is made in spain
  11. Mine is made in france too
  12. My pouchette was made in spain.