Rosemary lavendar or ginger

  1. Hey girls i would love opinions on the rosemary and how practical it is for everyday use. i don't want it in oak because everyone seems to have that colour although it is a classic choice and very nice i would like something a bit different what do you think to the lavendar shade or the ginger which i believe is discontinued now. look forward to respones x:tup:
  2. The ginger is quite orangey so it's definitely a bit of a statement. Personally I really like the colour but it might be tying.
    Lavender is a good colour - I guess it depends on what colours you tend to wear.
  3. I say lavender. Ginger is too orange. I just sent my black Rosemary to Ann's Fabulous Finds for sale. I'm going up a size, to Roxy.
  4. I think that the rosemary is a good size for everyday use - its not too small that you cant fit in all the essentials and a bit more. I would say out of those two colours, Lavendar - but I love that colour anyway and think it would be pretty versatile, so Im a bit biased!
  5. I would prefer lavender
  6. Lavender from me too!!xx
  7. There's always a lot of ginger bags at Shepton which rather implies it's not a v popular colour!
  8. Well I like to be a bit different. Personally I'd go ginger. Would look great with browns / autumn colours but maybe not so versatile for the summer. I saw a woman in Cambridge around christmas time with a ginger Annie- she was wearing a long brown coat and the bag just looked gorgeous!
  9. Bayley -- I said earlier that I preferred the lavender, but I didn't tell you about the size. I just sent my black Rosemary to Ann's Fabulous Finds to sell. I liked the bag for everyday -- it had room for everything a day bag should hold, plus. You just can't carry magazines, or books in it. I was able to fit a small bottle of water though. It was a very useful bag. I just want to go up a size to Roxy. But I think it is a great bag.
  10. Also agree that the ginger color is too orange and prefer the lavender. I have a lavender blenheim and was surprised at how often I carry it in the summer.
  11. Thankyou girls for the info i have one put aside for me in lavender will be picking up on pay day for £250 i thought that was a great price do you agree? :ty::ty:
  12. :girlsigh::girlsigh:That's a great price and I would go for lavender too. Well, maybe both! Oh well.... Let us know when you get her
  13. will do will post pics too ;)
  14. Hey Bayley! I just bought a Lavender Rosemary too :nuts: I saw some on sale when I went to buy some Collonil from the Mulberry Shop at St Christopher's Place just off Oxford Street (London) last week, and they stuck in my mind because they're just such a nice bag....although I've always loved the style I would never be able to use a Roxanne because my back is messed up, and I was hoping to get hold of a Blenheim from an outlet, but then I saw the Rosemary and preferred it - I think it's a more usable size.

    After reading this thread I knew I should just go out and get one (you lot are a terrible bunch of enablers!!!!!) and I am really really happy that I did! I paid £247, they have quite a few left in the shop if anyone else is after one.

    Hooray that's my spring bag sorted :yahoo:I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine - I'm sure you will!!! :heart:
  15. i had money till i found mulberry and yes the porum too x :rolleyes: