Rosemary in aqua blue,was there ever such a thing?????

  1. Just wanting to know,my holy grail bag was an aqua Blenhiem,but I love the Rosemary and think the size is much better for me,plus I have a Blenheim in choc,and I would like to combine the color with the style,if that is it ever existed,does anyone know???
    Thanks in advance ladies!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx:heart:
  2. I`m no expert and probably wrong but I don`t think that there is such a bag , Its a colour thats great but I don`t think that its used that much ???
  3. Thanks Tara,thats what I was kind of expecting,I think it was limited to just the Blenheim,while it was out there was a baby pink one too as a special summer thing.

    It just got my thinking yesterday,I was in Selfridges (it was nuts!!!) as they had a snow white Roxanne,Bayswater and Hanover all together,and just wondered as much as hoped if they did the aqua color over a few styles too when that came out. It also sets me up to be wary if I see any on e-bay,if no-one else remembers a Rosemary in that color,may well be a fake.
  4. Ive never seen any chaz, although Im by no means an expert. The only colours ive seen in the rosemary are oak, chocolate, black, lavendar and olive. Maybe someone else can add to this though?

  5. Thats one of the other things that got me wondering,I have seen Rosemarys in all sort of colors since I have got more aquainted wiyh Mulberry,I'm just wondering if Sarajane would have any clue,she's seen so many and been to the outlets etc shes an old hand at it all now,I think she's busy with her folks tho,so I'll wait till she comes back on with her words of wisdom!!!

    But if anyone has seen one,let me know,I'll keep checking this thread!! Thanks ladies!!xx
  6. Busy with her folks ha! She was at Shepton mallet this morning grabbing bargains!!!! (and looking at the Antony's for me- but no luck on that score!!)
  7. OOO,hahahaha!!!!I forgot she's such a die hard,hope she gets her claret Joni!!! I went to Chesh Oaks,Jo they had some black ones there!!! But they had'nt been reduced anymore than the last time I was there,give 'em a quick call, 07515 577598.:heart:

    Ps, I asked about an aqua Rosemary and its a definate no,oh well.