Rose shocking: Oh my!

  1. I went to the mothership yesterday and had an eyeful of Rose shocking: it's fabulous (in chevre), so vivid and so different from fuschia. :wtf: Shocking indeed... it's so beautiful :nuts:

    There was a Globe Trotter in etoupe/shocking and it was love at first sight. It's on hold for me for a week as I'm trying to be reasonable :biggrin:
    I even saw a Bearn in RS and it was so... WOW. The available one was a trifold but the bifold got sold a few meters away from me and I was so :crybaby: that I wasn't the lucky owner.

    On the other hand, I was really sad to hear raisin was really being discontinued, so ladies with items of raisin in any leather, you are lucky indeed.
  2. Hi Perja
    About the globetrotter: was the etoupe on the cover with rose inside, or vice-versa?
  3. Does RS come in bags or just accessories??
  4. It's etoupe on the outside, rs on the inside with rs stitching.

    Also, for the moment, I have only seen it in accessories.
  5. Rose shocking is available for bags as well.
  6. What kind of bags?

    I mean, which leather, size, etc...
  7. Hi perja i also saw the rs bearn if i had not just bought one last summer i would have taken that baby home....:smile:
  8. 31cm? Bolide in chevre de coromandel. It was a few months ago so I'm not exactly sure of the size.
  9. i haven't seen this color? does anyone have a swatch? HG, is that in our HERMES REF THREAD?
  10. Yep, one swatch is up. But I find it's much brighter in person than the swatch represents.
  11. I saw it on a bag at my Hermes - a Mysore Bolide 27. The Globetrotter sounds beautiful and I can see how the shade would work well with Etoupe.
  12. :sweatdrop: PHEW!! I thought I had done something aweful.......
  13. :roflmfao: :lol: :upsidedown:
  14. WOW! :sad: I love that color!

    Thanks for the report - and on Rose Shocking too! (Rose (our dear tPF member), you are so cute....:flowers: )
  15. Kellybag will be so sad :sad:
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