Rose Shocking Birkin ~ Is it possible?

  1. I enquired at my store and was told that rose shocking only comes in chevre mysore and not chevre coromandel. Is this true?

    And is it also true that Rose Shocking is only available in chevre mysore and not any other leather for that matter?

    If you have a chance to own a Rose Shocking birkin (I have only seen it in small leather goods), would you?
  2. I have a rose shocking Birkin and I absolutely LOVE it!!:heart: :nuts:
    It is Chevre Mysore if I'm not mistaken....I would have to double check though.
  3. ^^ OOOoooo ... thanks BB for posting. Have you got a picture to show? I guess with Rose Shocking, it's meant to be a colour contrast, and it would be silly to try match clothings, right?
  4. I will take better pictures this time and I'll send it to you.
    Yes, you don't want to wear rose shocking head to toe. Maybe a scarf to match or trendy sunglasses...:yes:
  5. That sounds right MrsS--most CDC that I've seen were from years prior, not made this year.

    I personally couldn't do a Rose Shocking Birkin unless it was a 30cm--I think a 28 or 32 Kelly would be great! Although I adore my Fuschia Kelly, it's one of those colors I have to think a bit harder about in terms of putting together an outfit.
  6. frankly, i can't tell the difference between fuschia and rose shocking......can someone post pics of the two colors side by side?

    both colors are often done in chevre.........
  7. ^^ pazt, here's a screen capture I made just for you. Left: Rose Shocking. Right: sweetea's fuschia kelly.
    Rose Shockin Vs Fuschia.jpg
  8. It looks like the rose shocking is a darker pink than fuschia. What a gorgeous, girly birkin. ST's kelly is adorable.
  9. I think it would be a fabulous birkin to own!
  10. Are you kidding me? At this point, I would K I L L for one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is *the* only bag I want like crazy right now, a 30cm Rose Shocking Birkin in Chevre!!!! :crybaby::crybaby:My dream :crybaby:So frustrating wanting the only color birkin that never seems to be around :sad: I hope hope hope hope I can find one this summer!!!

    BergdorfBlonde, how did you get your RS birkin???? Did you SO it or did it just appear in a store?
  11. Rose shocking is a stunner!

    It is a bit toned down IMO compared to fuchsia. I feel both make a statement, but fuchsia is bolder. I say it is like fuchsia has the lights turned on bright and rose shocking is medium bright. They both are gorgeous.

    I think the rose shocking pic is a tiny bit deceiving compared to seeing it in person.
  12. omg omg omg... have a rose shocking birkin?!
    i LOVE the colour!
    and yes MrsS...if i see one..i have to buy it!!!
  13. Here's a photo of Fuschia CDC next to Rose Shocking Chevre Mysore. You can see that the Fuschia has more of a lavendar tone to it, but is much more subdued next to Rose Shocking--more of a Sanrio/Barbie pink.
    CIMG2779.jpg CIMG2780.jpg
  14. Those are great pictures orchids!! And illustrate the difference perfectly: to me, the little bit of lavendar undertone in the Fuschia makes it a little less Barbie-ish. The Rose Shocking is more of a "pink" pink.

    I've been referring to Rose Shocking as Fuschia on steroids. Both are gorgeous though.

    (Oh and MrsS - I've only seen Rose Shocking in Mysore thus far, not in CdC - doesn't mean it won't be coming though.........)

  15. Great pic comparison. Funny, I really see the fuchsia as quite bold and bright. The rose shocking to me is a nice rose/pink...not really in your face. I love them both.