Rose Gold Kelly Dog Ring GM

Mar 2, 2012
H land
Thank you! You're such an's bad for my wallet to talk jewellery with you! :hugs:
I know--hehe. We're not so good for each other when it comes to H jewelry. Maybe we should stick to talking just horses? Nah....hahaha..that would be no fun :P

Major congrats again my horsey and jewelry buddy :smooch::hugs:
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
I finally succumbed and bought a rose gold Kelly Dog GM ring. Love it. Here it is, stacked with an Aliance Ariane rose gold ring. My cat loves it too (you can't see her very clearly because she's black but she does have yellow eyes and sharp white teeth :smile:
Congrats, really love this on you!


Apr 16, 2008
rainy city
I have yet to purchase another ring to go with my CDC. The small Kelly looks ok, I just wish they made the larger one in YG.
beachy10, I am just wondering how you like this ring as I would like to buy one in RG, tried it on and thought it was really cute. It's been on my mind for the last 3 weeks.

BTW, it looks beautiful on you.


Aug 15, 2012

I am so happy to finally join the Rose Gold club!! After trying many combinations, I finally decided on the RG PM CDC ring and RG PM Kelly with diamonds. The CDC seems slightly more pink than the Kelly but both are a nice match with my RG Love bracelet. I went with a size 53 CDC and size 54 Kelly and they are super comfortable. Thanks for letting me share!!!
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