Rose gold hardware hermes bag

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  1. I’m not sure the exact compound of the metals. Palladium is softer than yellow gold. Rose gold is the toughest compared to other alloy because it has copper. I’m newbie but I assume that Hermes hardware is not just a compound that makes it look like the color rose gold but is actually gold plated.
  2. Nothing to worry
    Its just a bag gosh
    Love it enjoy it
    In due time send it in for repair /refurbishment
    And look gd again
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  4. Two SMs in different countries informed me that no Kellys with RGHW are planned for the moment
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    Thanks for the intel
    Let's hope one day
    Knowing hermes ways
    At this moment
    Just enjoy the limited and exclusively of rghw birkin and constance
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  6. I recently got a noir Togo b30 with rghw even though on my wish list I had asked for ghw- couldn’t pass it up! I never knew it was even an option- it feels so special as I don’t see it around as often :smile:
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  7. Exactly
    Rghw extremely yummy with noir
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  8. Just came across this on IG and thought of this thread. Turns out they do have rghw in kelly, but seems like it’s pretty rare... this one is with gris T

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  9. looks like gold not rose gold
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  10. I haven’t seen it in real life, but the reseller on IG said it’s rose gold.
  11. Oic
    Thanks xiao2
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  12. :confused1::huh::-s
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  13. Sorry, I assume this comment was regarding the pix on IG... it’s actually from a reputable and well known reseller, who happens to post a pix on IG and I saw it and posted here. It’s not my bag, and I don’t doubt it’s authenicity. Hope it’s clearer, but please let me know if this is against the rules. Happy to take it down. Thanks.
  14. I'm not questioning you at all, they may have made a mistake and it's all good. Just confounded. And very excited if this is accurate.
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