Rosalie Wallet

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  1. I bought the Rosalie wallet in fuchsia yesterday. However, I think I'd prefer the rose ballerine, if I could find one.. Client Services told me rose ballerine might be coming back soon, but I'm worried they're probably wrong, as it wouldn't be the first time.

    Does anyone know anything about them coming back in stock?

    As I'm not sure whether to just use my fuchsia and forget about the rose ballerine, or wait it out and exchange. As there's very few Rosalies left in the UK so I just thought I'd get one while I could!
  2. Are you referring to the rosalie coin purse? I think the fushia is pretty! I'm not from the Uk so can't help with your question but I'd keep it.

    Does anyone know if the rosalie coin purse is available in australia? I can't find it on the aus website :sad:
  3. Yes! It's the coin purse, sorry. I do love the fuchsia, but I have always wanted something in Rose Ballerine, so that's why I was unsure whether to wait and see.

    M41939 is the product number, have you gave giving that a search?
  4. its on the AU website but call for availability - my store said I could be put on the waitlist if I wanted - hope that helps
  5. Thank you so much:biggrin: I kept checking the website every day but couldn't find it. Much appreciated :woohoo:
  6. The store manager at my store told me that she received confirmation from New York that it is sold out with no more replenishment. Anyone else hear this about the Rosalie with rose ballerine?
  7. Congrats on your Rosalie wallet! I am dying for one! My name is Rosalie so it's only right that I have one!:smile: I stopped in my local store and was told that they will be discontinued because they are a "cheaper seasonal" wallet. They didn't offer to put me on a list:sad:
  8. There was one at The Rocks in a fuchsia
  9. I would keep Fuchsia as RB is too light for a wallet's interior.
  10. That's really odd - they're back in stock online in the UK
  11. Rose Ballerine is pretty but the color scares me. It's too light and would get marked up so fast from coins. Keep the fuchsia!
  12. I just called the CS in US and it doesn't sound like the Rosalie has been discontinued. They're still taking names for the wait list and currently, there's about 140 people on the wait list for the RB and only 5 people for the fuchsia. Just FYI for those who are looking for this piece.

  13. CS doesn't always have accurate info though
  14. Wow I am so glad that I got mine when it first came out.... Didn't know that it would be gone so quickly!
  15. I think it sold so well as it's such a good price compared to other LV SLG