Rolling on down the river...

  1. Next week I'll be flying through Heathrow, so I called up the shop in Terminal 3 to ask what they might have in stock that I'd be interested in. The girl was so nice, but they didn't have much in my colors, though i didn't ask for a complete inventory of colors and leathers for all the small items. :angel:

    I did a search for these but I couldn't find pics, so please excuse me if they are right in front of my face, just point me to the thread.

    Can anyone point me to something in Ardoise evergrain? They had a 34 lindy in this color which I think is a slate grey?? and might be a nice neutral. Maybe.
    She also had a Belles du Mexique in Orange and one in Yellow, but I also can't find any pics of these colorways.

    TIA all! :girlsigh:
  2. They have a Lindy...:tender:
  3. Aha :yes::girlsigh:
  4. :crybaby: <---me when I get to touch a Lindy for the first time...especially when it is going to be mine.

    I have a photo of the Lindy that I printed out to show my boss what Hermes' take on the aviator bag looked like...he was impressed...anyway it now sits under where my handbag sits at work, and my boss made fun of me like I put the photo there to remind me where my handbag goes...
  5. They actually have two! :girlsigh: Both 34s. One in ardoise evergrain and one in some kind of brown that she didn't know the name of and I didn't ask the leather.
  6. Thanks Orchids, thats what I was expecting. :yes:
  7. If you get one...take a lot of pictures for me!!!