Rolex prices around the world

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  1. I intend to get a rolex this summer as a graduation reward for myself! Anyway, I'll be travelling a bit and am wondering where is the cheapest place to buy a Rolex.

    Would it be cheaper to buy in Hong Kong or Singapore compared to where I am in London?

    Does anyone know if I will get taxed when i return to London if I buy the watch from Duty free at my departure airport?

    Also, if anyone knows the price of the watch below, that would be really helpful.

    It's the 26mm Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust in Stainless Steel (Silver concentric dial, polished bezel and jubilee bracelet)


    Pict from Rolex website

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  2. Hi, my mom travels to HK every year to stay with her family. She has gotten some deals on Rolex and Tags. She priced a Chopard Happy Diamonds watch for me (didn't get it) that in the US is $5000, she would have paid $3000. You would have to pay tax, I believe, if you buy it outside the airport (if you declare it, which you are supposed to do, but my mom does not!)
  3. Hi, first I love the Rolex you posted a pic of!

    I live in the US so I can't answer your questions about prices in HK or Singapore, or being taxed when you return to the UK. Have you looked into going to Switzerland which is closer, to pick out your Rolex? I know a lot of Asians buy Rolexes in Europe when they travel there so I assume they are getting a better deal? My parents bought my bro a Rolex when they were travelling in Switzerland, the price was much better than in the US.
  4. I buy most of my watches in HK. I have bought numerous Rolexes but it is usually a standard 15% discount at all authorized dealers. You should definitely make sure you buy it from the reputable retailers because there are many stories about fakes. You don't have to pay tax in HK but some stores charge you about 3% more if you charge it on an Amex. I normally charge on MC/Visa or just pay cash. Be careful when you come back though. If you don't declare it in customs, they will tax you if you get caught. As for the price, I know it went up not too long ago. It is probably about $4000 now.
  5. I was in Singapore nearly three years ago and it was shortly after I got my Rolex Submariner so was checking out the prices there. They are definitely cheaper in Singapore than in England plus you can get some of the tax back. You get your tax refund at Singapore airport and they give you cash or I think you can have it put onto your credit card for a small fee.

    As far as bringing it back into the UK, I would suggest wearing the watch on your way through customs and hoping your bags don't get searched and they find the box or you could send the box back to yourself by post.
  6. I think it will be in HOng Kong cause the country is tax free. With regards to customs, I suggest you wear the watch and just mail the box to your home.
  7. thanks for all the advice... between Singapore and HK, which would be cheaper?

    I will be travelling to both countries and read in a news article that fakes are really prevalent in HK, it happens even in the authorised shops, especially when they are selling to foreigners! so i'm a bit worried about getting it in HK. Would singapore be safer? (no offence to anyone from HK!)
  8. I can't help with HK or Singapore but my friend bought her Rolex from Dubai and it was half the price. I'm not sure about tax or anything though.

    anufangava had a good idea about wearing the watch home and mailing the box!
  9. I've not been to HK but I know that fakes are not that easy to get in Singapore and certainly wouldn't get a fake from a regular stockist. The store I saw Rolexes in was somewhere on Orchard Road. I just had a look online and there are several Rolex retailers on Orchard Road and one particularly large one in the Lucky Plaza called Roy Eastern Watch
  10. hi all, will rolex be cheaper in Switzerland compared to SIngapore? I checked the price for a date just ladies in Singapore is approx. S$6,100 after 15% discount. Will Switzerland be cheaper? thanks..
  11. :cry: why did you not :shrugs: ??

    I absolutely :love: happy diamonds!!!!
  12. I know it's cheaper to buy at where I live compared to Switzerland. Prices in Singapore is quite close to what I get here. I noticed that in HK, you have to get someone to introduce to the authorised dealer to get good deals. 15% is the average but sometimes with cash terms, you get slightly better discount compared to credit card.
  13. whats the price now?
    can i know from which retail shop u get the price?
  14. In Holland i bought a ladies datejust (with discount) for 2900 EUR, which is around 3800 USD and 2400 GBP. You have to ask for the discount though. They're quite flexible. I bought it in the Amsterdam Diamond Centre.
  15. aleesia, whats the specs of your ladies datejust? is it stainless steel with white gold bezel? with or without diamond markers? TIA
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