Rolex Datejust

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  1. Hi everyone! What’s your final opinion on face for the Datejust? I’ve decided on the 31 mm Roman numerals
    can’t decide on site face or MOP white..
    Plz help me decide :smile: thanks [emoji1317]
  2. IMG_2733.JPG IMG_2298.JPG
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  3. wow the mother of pearl looks lovely!
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  4. IRL the MOP looks a little too shiny and busy for my taste, especially with romans.
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  6. On these pic MOP doesn’t really look nice, somehow busy and grayish, in reality MOP dials are stunning!
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  7. Ok I know it’s been a while since I last posted but I decided which Rolex to get just can’t decide which face they are both MOP which would you all chose?
  8. IMG_6337.JPG
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  9. I prefer the Jubilee bracelet on the left, it is very comfortable on the wrist.
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  10. I prefer the right face but the left bracelet.
  11. The jubilee bracelet? and the face with the diamonds?
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  12. Think I might get the oister
    Which face do you prefer
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  13. I have one similar to the one on the left, but I am really drawn to the other style it’s gorgeous. Tough decision. [emoji7][emoji7]

    IMG_5983.JPG IMG_5994.JPG IMG_5983.JPG
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  14. Yours is beautiful
    It’s such a tough decision because I love both straps and both with diamonds and without ‍♀️
  15. I really like jubilee bands on non-sport watches. Just my preference...
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