Rolex Datejust

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  1. It’s rose gold, do you prefer mother of pearl or just white face with the Roman numerals
  2. I still prefer the white dial. Rolex MOP is very pretty but, I find it easier to read the time on white. My eyes may be older than yours though.
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  3. Sorry, I was talking about the first couple choices. I think I like the white face better. The MOP is very interesting though
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  4. I am partial to the pink dial. Here's mine ... Poor lighting though IMG_20181015_232244.jpeg
  5. Yours is beautiful :smile:
    So tough making a decision either MOP or plain white for Roman numerals. OR the Baton in sundust
  6. Same as majority there’s something about Rolex Roman numerals and fluted bezel, I like MOP or white, can’t go wrong with either.
    I wouldn’t got for everose gold unless you really really love it otherwise it will become outdated in a couple of years
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  7. I love mother of Pearl
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  8. Love the one on your wrist!
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  9. Been trying on gold but ppl say rose gold looks better in my skin, and nice in two tone will try again I know YG is more classic
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  10. I like the Everose/rosegold but not on my skintone but I also think that the Everose/rosegold is a really popular right now.
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  13. I do too. I hate that Rolex doesn't sell the Two tone 36mm Roman numerals with the champagne dial anymore.
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  14. I have MOP on my Rolex and I love it. It gives the watch such an interesting look. Good luck deciding!
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