Rolex Datejust

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  1. Hi guys which style do you prefer IMG_1540342377.073381.jpg IMG_1540342404.583658.jpg IMG_1540342472.126859.jpg
  2. They're both lovely. The one with the rose gold face is a little more unique looking if you're going for that.
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  3. I’m more of a classic casual kind of person, but all nice not easy to decide:smile:
  4. Then get the MOP face. I also just noticed that the first one has the roman numerals, I prefer that to the plain lines.
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  5. The MOP face is the ones with the lines? ya more simple
    Thank you so much
  6. Are you sure about rose gold? It's the least classic, most specialty gold variety. If you do like yellow gold, I'd advise it instead.

    Since you said "classic casual," did you consider a smooth bezel vs. the fluted? The smooth (domed) bezel is the classic pairing with an Oyster bracelet.

    I guess you ruled out the Jubilee bracelet. It's more decorative, but it also shows scratches less than the Oyster.
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  7. I have the yellow gold version, but the rose gold with the pink dial is beautiful.
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  8. I agree, do not like the sticks. But I prefer the jubilee band.
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  9. Yes I for sure want the oyster, I love the fluted but maybe the smooth will try it on again, I like yellow gold but it was harsher on my skin tone.
    Gold is more soft but don’t want to regret my decision so tough choosing! Lol
  10. I love Roman numerals on Rolex. Not a fan of stick markers. White dial with Roman numeral (pic 1) gets my vote.
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  11. I prefer the first also. I have the oyster bracelet with the fluted bezel and love it. The smooth bezel looks more casual to me.
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  12. I like the Roman numerals on the white final too.
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  13. Thank you all for your opinion! Will send one more option it’s the Roman numerals with mother of pearl. Or do you all still prefer white background..
  14. IMG_1540692198.998957.jpg
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  15. I really like the Roman numerals. The yellow gold looks dated to me. But you have to pick what YOU love!
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