Rockie Duffel

  1. Lol, I love AWang's edginess! Even though I'm trying to save up, may wait until it comes out in the black/rose gold combo. For that price, might as well wait for the perfect one, you know?
  2. agreed 100%!!! i had to sell 3 minkoffs to fund my rocco - i would willingly pay full retail for it again and again and again!! they have to come out with a black/RG combo rockie.... the reg one was sooo darn popular they would have to be nuts not to!! :p
  3. Omg! So gorgeous! Don't know how awkward the zips will be but it's just stunning.
  4. Has anyone ever seen any Rocco without studded bottom?
  5. That Rockie is so cute! It's going on my list :amuse:
  6. OMGits now available at Neiman's!!!:woot:
  7. They will have this bag in white, peach, red, yellow, green, and grey. I might be off on the colors but that's what they looked like in picture of the AW New York showroom.
  8. has anyone seen a black w/ RG ROCKIE?? i know my girl gloryanh would LOVE to get one! hopefully it'll be out for fall since the rocco w/ RG has been so popular!!
  9. Has anybody purchased this yet? I'm wondering how much lighter it is than the Rocco (which I loved but whose weight KILLED me.)
  10. I bought it today should be here tommorw
  11. What color did you buy?:biggrin:
  12. The black with brass
  13. The zipper pulls look HUGE on the Rockie. Other than the Sylvester Stallone connection, I think I'd rather just get another full-size... :tdown: