Rockie Duffel

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  1. It is way too cute!!! I wonder if it will come in other colors?
    I like this style better than Angela.
  2. I die!!!! The burgundy emile is my face the texture of the leather looks divine!!!
  3. Both are super cute!
    The pelican is so sleek - I love its structure.

    I agree with the zippers possibly being inconvenient on toe rockie duffel.
  4. The Rockie is adorable!!! and I like the Pelican.. more of a structured classic shape I think :smile:
  5. The Pelican is everything. I NEED it.
  6. Super cute!! Love the look of the Pelican-just wish it had feet!!!
  7. they posted a pic of zoe kravitz and her dad with the rockie this morning on facebook. it's def. a cute bag.

    i'm really loving the jamie chastity and the burgundy emile.. unfortunately the emile is too big for me..wish they'd make the small size again.
  8. I think the burgandy emile is the small version. I wish they would make it in small black again. I regret not buying the small when I had the chance.
    I'm considering the burgandy, but hoping there will be more colors in the small version. ;)
  9. really? omg..i might be in trouble. i know, i totally regret not buying the small in dove grey. i saw it on a collegue the other month and i almost mobbed her. haha.
  10. OMG!!! i really love the Rockieeee!! super cute!! do u think is already in stores? i will be in NYC in June...i truly hope to find it there!!! :smile:
  11. This is such a cute bag!! Would be perfect in a pop color, so fun!!
  12. What a cute bag!!! I agree, in a pop of color would be fun!
  13. I can't wait for this bag to become available to be sold!!!!