Rock & Republic Gold Anthrax crowns

  1. I just got my first pair of R&Rs a few days ago and they are the Roth Dark Trick. But anyway, yesterday I was browsing around at Marshalls and I found some really cool Gold Antrax crowns, I was like "OMG they actually have r&r here". They were $59.99 but marked IRR because they is a really small hole near the front pocket and it isnt really noticable at all. They also had other styles but nothing my size. They are a size 26 and even though I am a 24/25 it fit pretty good but just alittle loose. Marshalls would be like the last place that I think would have R&R.

    It looks exactly like :

    Soo here my question- I don't know much about r&r because I am new to it but are.....What season are they are they past season or something? How much are they worth/retail for? Are they rare, I've never seen them before?

    Help me R&R experts!
  2. also, would they strech out? They are alittle loose but I don't want it to get any looser!
  3. OMG.. Congrats... Thats too cool... I will have to run out there tomorrow to check it out.

    They do loosen up, but you can always wash it :smile:

    Sorry I dont know about season wise....
  4. post up all the info on the label. that should help a lot.
  5. those are pretty! i'm not a R&R expert but congrats on the great find, I'm so envious!!
  6. Wow, you got a GREAT deal! Those were sold in the UK for over £250 and they sold out almost immediately, and they still go for £80-£90 even on eBay! And the gold crowns tend to go for even more.
  7. you're sooo lucky you have a marshalls that carries R&R! i think the anthraz wash stretches a good bit though, i sized down on the skull pair.
  8. ok. this is what is says on the label:

    style code: LACWN90
    style #: LACWN-06FA
    color code:90

    is this any help?
  9. 90=90s wash/anthrax

    06FA= Fall 2006 I think so your jeans are from last season. great find
  10. can someone check this season for me?

    For some reason it doesn't list the style on my roth dark tricks. What season is this from?

    The only thing I can get it the cut: 5455 Roth rthdt
  11. Which department did u find these in? Jrs? or Womens? THX
  12. I can't really tell what season they're from, but dark trick has been around for quite some time. I think dark trick is one of R&Rs first washes. I could be wrong though.. :smile:
  13. I found it in the juniors section
  14. Thanks!!! Wish me luck ill be heading out there on Sat.
  15. soooo I went to a marshalls today that I called ahead a few days before and they said they had some. Drove 1 hour to get there but I was happy with what I got. I only saw and got 1 pair though.

    When I got there, I started browing around but I was really disapointed that I drove all that way and I didn't see anything. So I went to check if the fitting room had any that people have tried on already. I looked through the rack there and I only saw one pair and it was so cute! It was a VB 80's wash in a 25. Still not as tight as I would like it since I am usually a 24 but it still looked super cute. They have a very tiny hole and they weirdest part were that they were already hemmed. But I just gave it a try and the lenght is perfect for me!! It was basically like a few hem job. I was really happy. Tommorrow the search continues for R&R...I'll let you guys know if I spot anything nice!

    also, the crown color looks sorta blueish/green. does the 80's wash come in any other color?