Rock and Chain-How many are there??

  1. I was in bloomingdales today in nyc and now I am more confused!
    I was shown a rock and chain in the book that looked like the smaller version of the big one. This price was 1935 for the one I was shown. BUT when she showed me just how small it was I thought I was on the waiting list for the wrong bag-my SA told me the bag I was waiting for was 1855 which was the smaller version of the one that is 2350. Just how many rock and chains, i guess "hobo" versions are there? :shrugs:
  2. BTW-I thought it was the price increase-but these bags weren't affected by the increase. Also, I was told the shipment is 2-3 weeks behind!!!
  3. I've seen 3 rock & chains - the flap ($1850) and 2 different sized hobos ($1975 & $2350). The only bags affected by the price increase were the classic styles.
  4. i've only seen the flap and it's hot!
  5. I called my SA in Neimans. SHe told me to stop talking to other SA's! Ha
    I am on the list for the smaller hobo. Now I feel better. But she has the price from the trunk show as 1855. So I am not saying a word.