Robbie Williams donates £1.5m to hometown charity

  1. Pop star Robbie Williams has given £1.5million to help young people with drink and alcohol problems in his home city of Stoke-on-Trent.

    The 33 year-old singer-songwriter has reportedly given the money to the Give It Sum charity, an organisation he set up in collaboration with Comic Relief. Said Los Angeles-based Robbie, who himself has fought drug addiction: "I'm glad that the little help I give can raise the profile of things like this. I want to be more active in and around Stoke-on-Trent - the place I love and where I'll eventually return to."

    Good on Robbie - I just wish he could help himself with HIS addictions.
  2. ahhh, lets hope this gives him some much needed happiness.

    He is a prime example of a guy that from the outside, looks to have everything, but in reality is soo lonely and sad :sad:
  3. Well it's good of him to help with charity. :tup:
  4. awwww i LOVE robbie williams so much!

    i HAVE to agree with chloe though, he seems SOOO lonely and depressed even with all these millions of fans of his! i wish he'd find happiness with a genuine woman! i think hes a legend! i love him
  5. That's very nice of him!
  6. I think in a way it breaks his heart even more now that his best mate - Johnny Wilkes - is happily married (with a baby on the way or had a baby I think?!) although obviously he is happy for Johnny.