ROAK / Sunshine Committee

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  1. [​IMG]This idea has been floating around in my head for sometime and with the sucess of all the ROAK exchanges on the individual boards, I think it might be a good time to 'float' the idea.

    First, read the tPF official ROAK disclaimer from Vlad:

    With that said:

    I would like to start a 'sunshine committee'. Roak exchanges are great, but there is nothing like getting a true, unexpected roak. I often see posts about birthdays, people who are feeling down, sick, new houses, new babies, etc and think I should send them something, but then I have to pm and ask for their address, takes the surprise out a bit. Kwim? I would like to have people's info handy so I can send them a true ROAK. We can also do virtual babyshowers, etc, with people sending things to me, and I can pull them all together and mail one big fun box.

    I plan on doing most of the sending myself, but I am sure there will be some people that would like send things too. So I will have an option to keep your info completly private (just I will have it) or if I can share it with very select members (very well known members, with more than 6 months on tPF, and high post count).

    So, if you would like to participate copy and paste and fill in the following:

    tPF screen name:
    Name: (can be just initials, etc)

    Can I share your info: Yes or No
    Notify me of virtual 'parties': Yes or No

    send me your info to:

    Let the sun shine in :smile:
  2. what a lovely idea Mary![​IMG]
  3. hey Twinkle,

    it's a great idea...
    you are such a nice and thoughtful person! :heart::flowers:

    I have a good person in mind for the first sunshine surprise.... PMing you
  4. That is the sweetest idea ever. I would love to be apart of your committee!
  5. Twink I think you must seriously be the nicest person in the world!!!
  6. Sunshine always makes people happy.. great idea Twinkle..:smile::heart:
  7. How cute! I'd love to be a part of your committee!
  8. twinkle ure always so nice!:smile:
  9. Wow, that is a really nice idea! I love sending things to people unexpectedly.
  10. Mary, you're so sweet always doing things like this! I'd love to be part of your committee too :smile:
  11. Please remember to e-mail me everyone....

    Also, please do not feel any obligation to send anything....I mean if you want to and have the resources, great...but my main point is to get your info on file, so I can send stuff to you :smile:
  12. Hahaha! How could we say no?
  13. This sounds really nice :smile:

    I am PMing you my info now!
  14. How sweet you are to have thought of doing something that is so special!!!! You are truly one of a kind tink... ((hugs)) and to anyone else that is guys are SUPER!!!!
  15. you are just so sweet! great idea!