RM Nikki in Wine???

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  1. Is this bag available...anywhere?! TIA
  2. Yes, it's available for admiring in GUNG's bag closet. :p
  3. The wine color is so popular, from time to time I see different styles in this color on eB@y....
  4. Ooh, I'd love to find this bag too!! I saw it on lunaboston a couple months ago, and was debating on whether I "needed" it or not. When I finally convinced myself that I did need it, it was all sold out! (Go figure.):huh: I've even emailed them to ask if they were expecting a new shipment of the Nikki in Wine, and they said they'd let me know... No news yet, and I haven't seen it. Now I'm kicking myself... Ainge2000, if I find it elsewhere, I'll let you know...