RM newbie questions

  1. Looking at all these beautiful colors, I'm falling in love with these bags!! :heart: I've only looked at them online and have never seen one IRL. I'm thinking about getting a morning after mini, can this be used comfortably as a shoulder bag?

    Also, it looks like there are two kinds of leather. A shinier, stifffer leather and a duller matte, smooshier(is there such a word??) softer looking leather. I'm looking for the smooshy kind of leather. When shopping online, how can I tell which one is which? I can't really tell from pics alone.

    Do I have to watch out for fakes if I'm buying off eBay? Are there a lot of fakes for this brand? Thanks gals for any advice, I appreciate it very much!! :yes:
  2. So far RMs don't seem to be faked that much (yet), but you're always safer going with a reputable online retailer. There are, however, a handful of trusted sellers on eBay; you can do a search and get more info.

    The MAM can be worn over the shoulder.

    If there's a color you're wondering about the leather on, you can post here and the experts who know about it or, better yet, have it can tell you for sure!
  3. I have never seen a fake. But I am sure there will be some soon. It took them a couple of years to make fake Botkiers, but they are out there now. *grumble*

    The leather on the different colors does vary. Some are stiffer and some are smooshier; some are shiny/glazed and some are not. I don't know all of them offhand. But sometimes you can tell from the pictures. Also, there are many experts here (GUNG!!) that you can ask, and we have also discussed the various leathers here so if you see one you like you can probably find info on it here!
  4. Welcome!

    I don't know much about the colors/their smoosh-iness but I wanted to answer your other question. I have a MAM and it fits comfortably on my shoulder. I'm about 5'8 and 145 pounds. Just in case that helps!
  5. Re: smooshiness levels, the shinier the leather, the stiffer.

    Softest: matte leathers
    Soft: semi-glossy leathers
    Stiffer but still flexible: glazed leathers
    Stiff: elephant
    Super stiff: patent

    (That's my theory anyway)
  6. Hi and welcome to the RM side! Fortunately, there are no RM fakes at this point in time, so you are good there. When shopping online for a RM bag look at the pics and the description to see the kind of bag you are buying. For instance, the glazed leather bags are shinier and stiffer, while the matte colors like Saddle, Black, and Navy tend to be more smooshed out and soft.
  7. Thanks for all the help! I'll be sure to consult the experts here before making any decisions. Now, to continue my drooling over the pics...:drool:
  8. What colors and size are you looking for? Right now, there are so many RM deals floating around, and if we have an idea of what you are looking for, we can point you in the right direction.:yes: