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  1. Hi Minkettes!!

    I wanted to post and see if there is anything you guys need from me? I want to make sure you all are taken care of and are happy campers!:smile: So please email me at codi@rebeccaminkoff.com and let me know what you may need. :tup::idea:;)

    :heart:RM Maven
  2. Codi, I just sent you an email regarding the distribution of the "Minkettes" charm :smile:

  3. #3 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    DD-ing. I saw my answer in another thread. Thanks!
  4. I got my Minkette gold bag charm in the mail yesterday, I love it! Now I have to decide which bag to put it on!
  5. I'm all good Codi, but thanks for checking!!
  6. Thanks for reminder Desi! :smile:
  7. I've emailed/PMed you.
  8. Sweet! I just sent Codi an email. I'm on the hunt for a tote (and that charm).
  9. I am still waiting for my bag from the Black Friday sale....
  10. Ivy,

    I'm checking on your order girly. I'm so sorry you have not received it yet!
  11. Thanks Codi, please keep me updated.
  12. Codi.....I'm copying Loquita's post from the Concerns & Issues thread. Can someone please help her?

    Has anyone else *not* received their florescent pink Cory case yet? I ordered mine on 11/2 (I believe it was that exact day) for shipping on 12/2, but no word yet... :sad:


    I contacted Codi about this three times, she answered once telling me that she would check on this but so far, nothing.
  13. Thanks so much, Lexie! I would really appreciate some help on this, Codi, and I know that I am not the only one with the same question. Thanks in advance!
  14. *bump*