RM MAM Question-- Please Help!

  1. I just received a brand new MAM in Glazed Espresso yesterday and was horrified to see that the person packaged my beautiful bag in a soft envelope rather than a box. My bag came completely flattened. I immediately stuffed it and let it sit and I pleased to see that there is no damage but my MAM has a little squish to it and slouches just a little when I stand her up on her own. Is this how they all are brand new or do you think mine was damaged in the shipping process? The leather itself is perfect and has no creases, like I said it just slouches a tad.

    Can anyone shed light on the firmness/ stiffness of the leather on their new MAMs? I appreciate the help!

    Obviously the sender is not a true lover of bags or she would never have been able to send it the way that she did. I could not even believe my eyes when the package came... I thought that it had to be something else and was definitely NOT my brand new MAM!
  2. Hi! While I don't have the espresso, my MA definitely slouches when standing up. So, from your description, it sounds just fine. Luckily though! I don't know why sellers send bags in bags as opposed to boxes. Hope you enjoy her!
  3. Mine also slouched while standing up when new. As long as there are not any creases, I think you are in good shape!! It gets slouchier with use and keeps looking better and better!
  4. holy crap! a soft envelope??? how cheap can you get! was this off of eBay or from a store??
  5. ^ My thoughts exactly. Soft envelopes are acceptable only for clothing, IMO.

    I thin once you give her a little TLC and time your bag will be just fine.
  6. Mine slouches when standing too. Doesn't sound like anything is wrong with yours.
  7. It'll be fine. Don't worry about it! With use it'll still slouch when sitting in a nice used in way. Mine is creased in some areas from all of the use I put on the bag but not in a bad way.
  8. Where did you order your bag from?????
  9. I bought it off eBay. It was an auction that didn't sell so I emailed her and made her an offer (one of those behind the scenes transactions that aren't supposed to happen). So I can't leave her feedback. I am really happy to hear your responses because it sounds as though mine is just fine.. unbelievably just fine. Thank you all so much.

    You have no idea how great it is just to have a place where I can come ask these questions that to most would seam totally absurd but to you all not only are they not absurd but quite the contrary -- total VALID!! LOL. Thanks people. Happy New Year!