RM MAM and Sabrina in same color?

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  1. Hi there,

    I have a Harewood MAM which is near identical to the Walnut color coming out this Friday. I love love love this color and debating buying the Sabrina in it also.

    Do you think it is overkill to have two similiar bags in the same color? I think the grass may be too green and the ginger is going to show wear and tear.

  2. I usually do not buy two bags in the same color BUT if you know that you will use both and love both then go for it!
  3. i have more than one bag in a particular color and wouldn't skip the sabrina if i liked the style ( which i do!). it's a great bag and if you really love the color, you would probably still use it a lot. i have thought about a rm mam but have never seen one in person as they don't sell them where i live. how would you compare it to the sabrina? would love to see pics. if you are hesitant to go for the same color. you could always try sabrina in another shade. the espresso, black and teal are all great colors as are many others. good luck with your decision!
  4. Go for it. I love that walnut color. Is that walnut color coming on more than Sabrina tho?
  5. Julianne but it is way to deep for me. Boooo!
  6. They are similiar in size but the MAM opening is wider which makes it seem like the MAM is larger (which is probably is slightly) I love the srap lenght on the Sabrina and the way it slouches.

    I had a teal large sabrina but it was way too big for me. Oh well- maybe I will just have two different bags with the same color.
  7. so would you say the mam is the size of the small sabrina then? thanks!
  8. I have at least 7 black bags. I have no problem having more than one bag in any color. The Walnut Sabrina is pretty and it's on my wishlist too.
  9. For the most part. I will take side by side pics later today. I think the MAM can hold more bc it is not constrained by the zipper. Will show you what I mean in pics later today :P
  10. If I love the color and the bag I do not mind the color being the same... The bags are not and that works for me..

    I have several of the same bags in different colors and I view that in the same way... If I like it I get it...
  11. I wouldnt, I would save the purchase for another bag.
  12. Personally -- I think the quality of the leather and the slouch of the MAB are MUCH nicer than the Sabrina. I purchased an RM and Sabrina in the same color not long ago to decide between the two. RM won hands down.
  13. I agree, I would also. Though the MAM and Sabrina are completely different, don't think I would have two satchels in this color. They are always making new Sabrina colors, I would hold off. There is bound to be another color out this year that you love.

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    They are similar in size, but the MAM is a bit bigger. I had taken these pictures for someone shortly after the Sabrina came out, hope they help!



    I'd put the money toward getting a MAM in another color instead of a Sabrina, but that's just me (I own two Sabrinas, but I prefer the MAM).
  15. thanks for posting pics for all of us retail-deprived people! it helps so much to see actual photos!