Rizzo and Cartier??

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  1. So I'm sitting here watching Grease and I'm wondering...Is Rizzo wearing a gold Cartier Love bracelet? She is wearing it throughout the movie and when they are doing the scene "beauty school dropout" she has a flesh colored covering on the bracelet. I've been trying to get a good look at it, but I can't. Do you ladies know if she IS wearing one? :smile:
  2. Its really hard to tell on the youtube version. I watched that song and 2 others. She definitely has on a gold bracelet which is definitely covered in "Beauty School Dropout" -- whether or not its a Love bracelet, I can't tell.
  3. Even on a hugs 52inch LCD it's hard to get a good look at it! I'm pretty sure it is, or else I'm sure she would have just taken it off for the "Beauty School Dropout" scene right? Anyway, I was just wondering cuz it caught my eye when I was watching the movie! Thanx for trying to get a good look at it!