Riveting bag, Ecru, black or both? Need help!!

  1. I have just received my Ecru Riveting bag. It is amazing. I have really fallen in love with this bag. The feel of the lambskin is amazing & it is a great organiser bag which I like. The studs make it really attractive.
    The problem is I use a black bag a lot so now I want the black also, crazy I know but I can really see that bag replacing my Balenciaga City bag.
    Need advice please - Ecru? Black? or both, :confused1: this is an expensive bag, if it wasn't I wouldn't have to ask this question I would have both for sure!
    Going to try to upload pics still haven't mastered downsizing yet.
  2. I would just get the ecru I think it looks nicer than the black plus it's used in the ad campaign, but i may show dirt up more than the black
  3. I prefer the Ecru
  4. I wouldn't get one of each! It would be too much of a good thing. I persoanlly like the black.
  5. i like the ecru better than the black. keep it especially if you have other black bags anyway... let this be your stand-out piece ;)
  6. ecru looks better than the black, and congrats on your purchase. Although i'm not a black bag person...

    I glad you love this piece!!
  7. ecru! it is more versatile and beautiful to boot
  8. I like ecru too! but if you want both and have the means of getting both, then get both! :biggrin:
  9. ITA deluxeduck
  10. Thanks Guys you have convinced me, the Ecru it is!!
  11. yeah, I love the ecru also
  12. I love black bags, but for this style... I'd definitely go with ecru! You come across a lot of hot black bags, but a good white one is a lot harder to find.
  13. It looks MUCH better in Ecru, stick with that and then possibly find a black bag from elsewhere!
  14. Keep the ecru and enjoy it! Its such a beautiful bag, esp. in ecru!
  15. I saw both yesterday and the ecru to me stands out more.