@@@ Rive Gauche tote in Black @@@

  1. Hi everyone !
    I spent my entire time in Prada/MiuMiu forum and decided to jump over here after I fell in love with :heart:Rive Gauche tote:heart: I always loved bags with shoulder straps. Just wondering where I can get one in USA or in Canada online or any reputable seller on eBay ?! A few tips would be great to this new-beginner;) Thanks a million !
  2. BlueFly has them for 20% off retail. You can buy at any YSL boutique also.
  3. I think they may be at the YSL outlets now....It's definitely worth calling. Good luck!
  4. thank you everyone for the hints..I tried bluefly and missed it by a minute or so...It was trying to put it in my shopping cart and then site said "not available" .. I hate the time difference I have sitting in here :cursing: I could have gotten it earlier :sad:...... It's so unfair a black RG is euro.1545=usd.2285 in YSL boutique in Milan......... it was usd.1436 in Bluefly..:shrugs: Nevertheless I will keep looking...
  5. YSL boutiques in the US have the Rive Gauche in black readily available (in both sizes I think). Those are full price though and never discounted (they never discount the classic black color in pretty much any style....e.g. black Muse never gets marked down and boutiques still sell those for full price, likewise for the Rive Gauche). Bluefly has the RG in different colors for discounted prices.....but so far I've never seen black on Bluefly.
  6. They've had many Black RGs on Bluefly over the past few months, in both Large and Medium, but it seems like the well has dried up there for now. Sometimes when something is showing as not available, it will become available again if you keep checking the link every so often (I would assume this is people putting it in their shopping cart and then releasing it later). Here's the link for the most recent Black RG on there in Large (this is probably the one you saw and tried to put into your cart) in case you want to check back and see if the availability changes:


    Otherwise, I agree with others that your best bet would be just to contact a YSL store.
  7. thanks so much ! I will let you know when I get hold of one:tup:
  8. Wildberry, just wondering if you managed to track down any RG in black? I am looking for it in medium size. If you have, do let me know from where and how much it cost you.
  9. Hi Spendalot !

    Niente,na da,nothing..I missed it on Bluefly and nothing else shows up so far..it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm sitting on the old continent as well..no YSL outlets or similar here.People just go in to the boutiques and pay incredible amounts of euros...I'm so afraid that I won't prevent myself getting another colour just because they are available:shame: ...if you get one please let me know,too !!! :flowers: