riri vs lampo

  1. just checking if the baby stam has a lampo zipper inside?

    my blake has riri, and my ursula zip clutch has the lampo ones...

    thanks for the help!
  2. Should be lampo zipper on stam bags.
  3. I have that same question. I have a stam wallet with lampo zipper. Is it real??
  4. it gets confusing because depending on the style and how old the bag is, the zipper brand can change. as far as what i've learned from this board, mj bags have only ever used lampo or riri zippers. my fall 05 stam had lampo zippers as does my striping bags. however, my venetia and stella has riri zippers.

    if you're not sure, you can always take pictures of the back of your zipper, post in in the authenticate this thread, and the knowledgeable ladies there will be able to help you.
  5. It depends on which season your bag was made. Only the fall 05 stams and baby stams had Lampo zippers. All versions after this season had riri zippers. What lining does your baby stam have? If it is canvas then it should have riri zippers.